We are well known for our work with full log and log sided homes, and we also offer the same high quality to home owners of “flat” wood sided homes as well. We are very comfortable working with cedar sided homes, timber frame style homes and homes constructed of vertical boards. Learn more about our skills and capabilities by reading what others have to say about us.

From Nebraska
We were extremely impressed with Kyle Doyle’s log home services.

We moved into our home in 2010, but were needing some help on the exterior by 2012. Once we found Kyle and his team our only regret was not finding them sooner!

They were professional, timely, outlined the process entirely, gave us a schedule and stuck with it. They adhered to both their time schedule and budget and prepared us well for every step and answered any questions we had.

If you are building a log home or are struggling with exterior maintenance on an existing one, give them a call – you will be glad you did! Our exterior finally looks like we had envisioned, and we are in the process of scheduling having the interior done.

Randy and Heather Dingwell, Nebraska
From Michigan
Our log home was built in 2000. The builder did not finish the exterior logs properly nor to our expectations. We contacted Kyle Doyle from Midwest Log Home Services. In 2005 Kyle and his crew restored the entire exterior and our log home looked brand new! We contacted Kyle again in 2012. Midwest Log Home Services updated and restored our log home once again to like new condition. We highly recommend Midwest Log Home Services. Kyle is very professional and gets the job done in a timely manner. We are totally satisfied with their services.

Paul and Sharon, Jonesville, Michigan
From Tennessee
Our 30-year old 4,000 square foot log cabin needed help. The exterior finish was weathered and, in places, mold stained. Some of the logs had rot. At first we were going to try to save some money and do it ourselves. Then we researched what was involved in doing the job correctly. We quickly realized that we’d be taking on more than we could do ourselves.

We researched and contacted about a dozen folks who claimed to specialize in log home restoration. We first eliminated those who didn’t survive the Better Business Bureau check and then those whose proposals included shortcuts, neglecting some of the steps recommended in the Sikkens and Behr web sites. Then we contacted the survivors, sent pictures of our cabin and requested quotes. The estimates we received varied by almost 100 percent from lowest to highest.

Melissa Doyle at Midwest Log Home Services sent the most professional quote, one that went into the most detail on the work they proposed to do for us. Although the quote was higher than some of those we received, it was the one we felt most comfortable with. We wanted a job that was going to be done correctly and that would last. By this time, we had narrowed the field to three.

Melissa’s prompt and detailed responses to our many questions further strengthened our confidence that we were headed in the right direction. We liked not only the work that was proposed, but the products as well. After much discussion, we decided to go with Midwest Log Home Services. It was a good decision.

Kyle Doyle and his team of professionals did a superb job. They spent over a week working on our cabin and it was obvious throughout the process that they took great pride in their work. Their attention to detail was excellent and, at each stage of the job, Kyle kept us informed about what they were doing as well as why. When the team came across some areas of wood decay that we were not aware of, Kyle explained the available options and then fixed the problems. Even before the job was finished, some of our neighbors dropped by and offered their complements on the work that was being done.

What Kyle and his team accomplished exceeded our expectations. Our cabin looks great! The colors are super, the caulking flawless. In short, the Midwest Log Home team did a wonderful job. We couldn’t have done the work ourselves and achieved the same results — this was, indeed, money very well spent.

We are very comfortable in recommending Kyle & Melissa Doyle, Midwest Log Home Services, to anyone who wants to refinish or restore their log cabin. These folks are professionals and do excellent work.

We would be delighted to talk with you about them and to show you what they’ve done for us. I’m sure you’ll be as pleased with them as we are.

Richard J. Burda
Maryville, TN
From Michigan
In 2007 my 1945 log cabin was in desperate need of some TLC. Termite and dry rot damage along with an ineffective exterior finish and deteriorating caulking had taken its toll.

So, I contacted Midwest Log Home Services. Kyle Doyle and his team replaced logs, stripped, re-caulked, and refinished the entire exterior. Within a couple of weeks it looked better than ever.

Fast forward to 2013 and, unfortunately, my cabin had an 80 ft. hickory tree fall on it. Needless to say the damage was extensive.

Working through my insurance company I contacted Kyle. He conceded it was a challenge but assured me they could repair the cabin back to its original state. Nothing was plumb. Walls and window openings needed to be pulled back to square. Log walls needed to be rebuilt to match the original 1945 profile, along with a new roof with exposed log trusses.

The interior walls were stained to match along with the entire exterior being re-caulked and refinished. Can’t tell if it ever was damaged.

Looks better than brand new. Couldn’t be happier!

William Bihun
From a Major Supplier
Subject: Weatherall Log Home Products

I just wanted to say THANKS for your business the past 10 years.

Midwest Log Home Services has always been very professional and easy to work with as a customer. Additionally, it is nice to know that our customers will be in good hands when we recommend your services whether it be stain work, log repair, chinking, caulking or media blasting.

Midwest Log Home Services is definitely one of the premier restoration companies in the industry and we are proud to have you as a customer.

Best of luck to you and your company as you continue to grow your business.

Michael Carey
National Sales Manager
800.367.7068 Toll Free
720.583.8433 Direct Line
From Illinois
Dear Kyle Doyle:
Midwest Log Home Services saved our home in September of 2012! I called the number listed on the website and from the first call, I felt confident that Kyle and his staff could restore our log home to what we expected it to be.

Our home was corn cob blasted, rotten logs replaced, restained, recaulked and finally sanded to a beautiful finish. Kyle and his crew arrived when they said they would, worked literally from sun-up to sun-down and presented a professional image from the start. I truly have never seen a crew work harder!

Midwest Log Homes started with a house in desperate need of repair and left us with a beautiful, “picture perfect” log home! We can now be confident that Kyle will monitor the condition of our log finish and he and his crew will keep it looking great. The cost was worth every penny we spent!!

Craig & Bonnie Wright
Farmer City, ILlinois
From Michigan
I had Midwest Log Home Services reseal my log home two years ago. Kyle's crew completely power stripped the dirt and old finish and then sealed the entire home with premium stain/sealer. They were very thorough in all phases of the project including the cleaning, drying, and final application of the sealer. They finished with complete caulking of joints as well. I was extremely pleased with the final result which restored the natural beauty of the logs and greatly improved the longevity of the home. An additional benefit of the restoring process was the elimination of insects and pests that are naturally attracted to the wood.

As any log home owner knows, enjoying a log home comes with the necessity of committing to periodic maintenance. It doesn't come cheap, but I believe Midwest Log Home Services provides exceptional value for the work performed. I am pleased to recommend their services and would be happy to be contacted for a referral.

Paul Wells

Howell, Michigan
From Missouri
Again, a hearty thank you to you and your team.

Wonderful job.

Kenneth & Wanda Gallup
Holden, MO