Corn Cob Blasting

is the process of blowing grit from finely ground corn cores (cobs) through a high volume, low pressure commercial grade blasting system to remove finishes from log surfaces.

 Why we Corn Cob blast!

  • Performance – Corn Cob media is abrasive enough to remove even old, difficult finishes and paint, yet gentle to the logs. Typically categorized as a “soft abrasive”.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Corn Cob blasting is safe. The corn media is non-toxic and completely biodegradable. In fact the left overs make excellent garden mulch! 
  • Weather – If you live in the Midwest you know our winters can be very cold. Chemical stripping can only be done in the warmer months of Spring, Summer and early Fall. Corn Cob blasting can be done in the winter and finished when the weather breaks in spring. This is good news for homeowners since it gives more flexibility to you for project timing.

 Corn Cob Blasting alone is not Enough!

Corn Cob blasting can transfer mold/mildew spores onto the logs. To insure the logs are protected from these problems we do a final, light wash down of the logs prior to staining with special wood cleaners to kill mold and mildew and preserve the logs.

The following short 2 minute 36 second video demonstrates why and how we use Corn Cob blasting.

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